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        Subsidies in 2019: Employees want stability and consumers don't accept price increases

        Green car selection

        More than 40 days before 2019, an unproven new energy automobile subsidy policy in 2019 has aroused heated debate in the industry. (See: New Energy Vehicle Subsidies Policy Modification in 2019)

        According to past years'experience, the annual subsidy policy will be continuously revised after many rounds of discussions among experts, business representatives and competent authorities. The final version will be different from the online version of Fangfeng, but roughly the same.

        People and consumers in the new energy automobile industry also have the right to make suggestions. To this end, we collected 14 employees'suggestions and initiated a survey with the First Electric Power Network on new energy automobile consumers. 544 questionnaires were collected.

        We sort out their opinions and hope that the followers can learn from them.

        Most want stability.
        The requirement of energy density is controversial.
        Chen Jianjian, Deputy Secretary-General of Zhejiang Automobile Industry Association:

        The source of subsidy should be increased by the central government, the local government should return to zero, and the overall decline. For example, some areas go to Guangdong to buy new energy vehicles and take them back for use. Consumption of local financial subsidies in Guangdong has caused unnecessary contradictions, so we should simply remove the local subsidies. The central government will make up for this by making up a gap, which will not only achieve fairness, but also exclude local protection.

        Technology orientation should be more scientific. For example, the energy density of the battery is too high to lose safety and life for the energy density. It is impossible for us to charge vehicles slowly, but we must charge them quickly, which will have a greater impact on the service life. In many enterprises, the quality assurance of batteries is 120,000 kilometers in eight years, which is the national bottom line. More than 150,000 kilometers are guaranteed. Taxis are 150,000 kilometers a year, and then they are out of use in one year. This is not appropriate. Do you want to change batteries? This is inappropriate. BYD, as a company, has to change its Three-Yuan structure in the later stage, even 811. In terms of mileage, it is not suitable to be too long, too demanding, too policy-driven. 300-400 kilometers is enough for non-private people, and a little more for private people.

        According to the rhythm of the national promotion of new energy vehicles and the actual market situation, we should increase the subsidies for new energy logistics vehicles. Last year, the decline was too large.

        We should also accelerate and encourage the process of "oil to electricity" for non-transportation vehicles such as diesel, and increase subsidies for these new energy vehicles, such as forklifts, mixers, excavators, bulldozers and roller. The pollution of this kind of construction machinery is much more serious than that of passenger cars.

        Guo Haijiang, General Manager of Guangzhou Zhongli Electric Power Co.

        Subsidies should be returned as well as improved, and the decline of cash subsidies must be compensated by other means or policies. The main engine factory can't build a good car, the market can't use a good car, the environment of car building is hard injury, and the field of car using relies on "oil limit to push electricity", the means is too simple and crude.

        At the same time, we should correctly understand that "supporting the excellent and supporting the strong" is neither big nor strong, but quick is excellent. Maybe there are still some advantages and disadvantages in the field of power batteries. The whole vehicle design and manufacture, as an indispensable core component of this industry, marketing has no advantages and disadvantages. In order to change this situation, it is necessary to think in the direction of light policy and heavy market.

        Liu Guozeng, General Manager of Tangjun New Energy Automobile Sales Company:

        Electric logistics vehicles are better without subsidies. One is that policymakers really understand the current situation of the use of logistics vehicles, and the other is that the state is trying to improve vehicle efficiency. If we really follow the policy of increasing road rights and operating subsidies, it will be better than the existing policy. Manufacturers will pay attention to quality, and businesses will pay attention to operation.

        Tan Si, deputy general manager of Austria Motion New Energy Investment Co., Ltd.

        At present, there is no problem in the direction of domestic subsidy policy, but it will cause enterprises to excessively pursue the improvement of battery energy density and neglect the safety of batteries in a period of time.

        Under the premise that there is no revolutionary change in the current power battery, especially in the ternary lithium battery medium, the greater the energy density, the greater the relative threat. How to balance the efficiency and safety of power battery is a long-term issue. Therefore, in the implementation of the new energy subsidy policy, we suggest that the state should consider subsidizing the innovation of the energy replenishment mode so as to enable new energy customers to form non-breakpoint consumption, shorten the time of energy replenishment, and thoroughly solve the problems of consumers in using existing charging stations and the difficulties in the layout and construction of charging stations.

        For example, specific subsidy policies can consider the mode of combination of replacement and replacement, increase the construction of power exchange stations in some areas, encourage more enterprises to participate through policy orientation and support, and give appropriate subsidies to the users and operators of electricity, so as to encourage more consumers to choose new energy vehicles, so as to promote the healthy development of the new energy industry chain as a whole.

        New energy commercial vehicle practitioner Tommy:

        Although national policies are good, how to implement them?

        From the point of view of the difficulties that car buyers are thinking about:

        1. How much is the cost of repairing the car after 5 years of 200,000 kilometers or 8 years of ** 10,000 kilometers? Are batteries expensive? How expensive is it? —— How to implement the quality assurance clause of the subsidy policy?

        2. Will the continuity of the voyage decrease, and in the case of decline, are there any national standards requirements and how to achieve them? —— How to implement the sustainability requirements of the subsidy policy?

        3. In the case of inconvenient charging, how can an individual quickly apply for pile construction approval and pile subsidy or whether the price of electricity can take into account the individual, not all residential areas and offices can have matching fast and good pile, those large amounts of 7 kW for enclosure can not meet the demand, let alone stop a car is difficult, but also can be considered.

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