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        Prospect of Automotive Science and Technology in Shanghai Expo: German, American, Japanese and Korean Competition

        The world's first national-level exhibition, the first China International Import Exposition, was held in Shanghai from November 5 to 10. The Expo attracted more than 3,000 enterprises from more than 130 countries and regions, and more than 5,000 exhibits were the first to show in the Chinese market.

        Among the seven exhibition areas of the first China International Import Expo, the most advanced and cutting-edge products are displayed in consumer electronics and household appliances, clothing and apparel, consumer goods, automobiles, intelligent and high-end equipment, food and agricultural products, medical devices, medical and health care, and trade in services. Among them, as a pillar industry of a country and a vane of the national economy, with the reduction of import tariffs of automobiles, in this China International Import Expo, major foreign automobile companies have appeared one after another, bringing the most advanced technologies and products of automobile driving, intelligent networking, and new energy vehicles. Now, OFweek New Energy Automobile Network has taken stock of the blog for you. The automotive technology and products at the conference are for the readers!

        Prospect of Automotive Science and Technology in Shanghai Expo: German, American, Japanese and Korean Competition

        (Pictures from the official website of the Expo)

        Slovakia's "flying car" became the highlight of the exhibition

        Among the more than 10,000 technological products, the first thing I have to say is that it belongs to Aeromobil, a "flying car" from Slovakia.

        In three minutes, the door opens and gradually turns into wings on both sides. The tail of the car turns into a vertical tail. This flying car, which looks like an ordinary car, switches to flying mode. The highest speed of the car model is 160 kilometers per hour, and the highest speed of the flight model is 360 kilometers per hour.

        On the morning of October 18, Aeromobil arrived at Shanghai Pudong International Airport from Slovakia after a journey of more than ten hours. This is the first time this flying car has arrived in Asia. In fact, the most eye-catching flying car is currently available for private travel. Aeromobil's power comes from an internal combustion engine with a numerical control unit, and the extra power and flight altitude capabilities come from the latest turbocharging technologies and systems. Compared with the traditional aerospace engine, the weight of the engine has been greatly reduced, while meeting the needs of modern pilots and pilots for durability and reliability.

        The flying car, introduced by Oriental International Group and developed by AeroMobile, a Slovak technology company, combines nearly 40 patented technologies and currently exhibits version 4.0. The conceptual features of Aeromobil's next generation version 5.0 will also be announced during the exhibition that if it can take off vertically, it will detonate the heat of the flying car again.

        Prospect of Automotive Science and Technology in Shanghai Expo: German, American, Japanese and Korean Competition

        (Photos from Aeromobil)

        BMW Electric and L4 Self-Driving

        With China becoming the largest new energy automobile market in the world, among the more than 30 multinational automobile enterprises, new energy automobile has undoubtedly become the magic weapon for all automobile enterprises to compete.

        As one of the first multinational companies to confirm their participation in the Expo, BMW Group will bring many bright spots to the exhibition. BMW will also display its electric product line-up, including BMW I3 and I8 Roadster models. In China, BMW currently has six systems including BMW i3, BMW i8, BMW 5 plug-in hybrid, BMW X1 plug-in hybrid, BMW X5 plug-in hybrid and BMW 7 plug-in hybrid. In 2020, BMW brand's first pure electric vehicle BMW iX3 will be put into production in Shenyang. This product will be sold not only in China, but also in the global market. Field.

        In addition, BMW has brought BMW 7 series test vehicle equipped with L4 autopilot technology, which is the latest prototype of BMW for actual road test.

        Prospect of Automotive Science and Technology in Shanghai Expo: German, American, Japanese and Korean Competition

        Volkswagen Group "Big Mac" stand, Audi e-tron pure electric Showcase

        Audi is undoubtedly the most prominent among the three German strongholds in the fierce competition. Under the leadership of Volkswagen Group, Volkswagen not only brought the first SUV Audi e-tron with pure electric production, but also built a "Big Mac" exhibition with Volkswagen, Porsche, Lamborghini and Bentley covering an area of 3000 square meters.

        In September this year, Audi e-tron mass-produced version was launched worldwide in San Francisco, USA, and officially opened the prelude of Audi's pure electric vehicle. The Expo is also the first show of Audi e-tron in the Chinese market. It is understood that the new car has a range of more than 400 km, which is the first electric SUV built by Audi using electric vehicle platform. It is understood that Audi e-tron will be imported into China in 2019 and made domestically in 2020. According to the product plan previously announced by Audi, it will launch 10 electric vehicles in the Chinese market by 2022, of which 5 will be put into production in China.

        In addition, Volkswagen Group's Porsche has brought 911 Carrera 4 GTS, 718 Cayman S, and plug-in hybrid Panamera Turbo S E-hybrid Sports Turismo, which represent the latest technology models.

        Prospect of Automotive Science and Technology in Shanghai Expo: German, American, Japanese and Korean Competition

        American Department: General Motors, Ford and Tesla are unwilling to lag behind

        Driven by the tide of "new four modernizations" in the global automotive market, major manufacturers are focusing on new energy vehicles, and American automobile companies are no exception.

        General Motors, Ford and Tesla are the representatives of American automobile brands in this exhibition. With China becoming the main battlefield of Tesla, Tesla's process of building a factory in Shanghai is constantly advancing. Tesla's spontaneous combustion, as a benchmark of new automobile manufacturers, will not miss this opportunity. The Shanghai Import Expo brings Model X and Model 3General Motors, as the front-end vehicle in the field of driverless driving, displayed its vision of "zero accident, zero emission, zero congestion" and advanced technologies and concepts in related fields in this exhibition. Chevrolet Bolt and Buick Enspire concept cars are their masterpieces on "zero emission". For "zero congestion", GM brings V2X communication technology. For "zero accident", Cruise AV autopilot technology and Super Cruise Super Intelligent Driving Assistance System become the focus of their demonstration.

        Another American brand, Ford, and its high-end brand, Lincoln, showcased almost all imported models, including Ford Mustang, Ford Ranger Wildtrak, Ford F-150 Raptor, Ford Explorer and Lincoln, on a 500-square-meter booth. In addition, Ford will show the audience its latest applications in the field of C-V2X technology based on cellular technology, as well as the latest technologies related to TMC.

        Prospect of Automotive Science and Technology in Shanghai Expo: German, American, Japanese and Korean Competition

        Japan and Korea: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles Lead New Energy Technological Circuits

        In the revolution of new energy in global automotive industry, pure electric process has become the mainstream trend of major automotive enterprises, and Japanese and Korean automotive enterprises famous for science and technology can always be unique! Toyota, Honda, Hyundai and other brands are all showing off hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

        Hyundai in Korea brings a new generation of hydrogen fuel cell vehicle NEXO. As a representative mass-produced vehicle of the latest technology in the field of new energy, NEXO fuel cell power system optimizes the utilization of hydrogen energy and the efficiency of components to the greatest extent. The system efficiency is up to 60%, which is the best level in the world. At present, NEXO has been officially listed and sold in Korean and European markets.

        Toyota has brought in products including e-Palette Concept, hydrogen fuel cell passenger car Mirai, hydrogen fuel cell bus SORA, and related technologies such as automatic driving, smart agriculture, desert greening. As a leader in the field of fuel cell vehicles, Toyota launched an empirical test last year after issuing "MIRAI Future", and will actively explore the related work in the field of commercial vehicles. In addition, Toyota plans to invest 10 new models of electric vehicles in the Chinese market by 2020, while actively promoting the localization of core technologies of electric vehicles such as motors, batteries, inverters and so on.

        Honda will showcase Clarity, a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, as well as small intelligent hydrogen stations and hydrogen-to-electricity converters capable of manufacturing and supplying hydrogen energy at the Expo. It takes only three minutes to complete the filling of hydrogen fuel, with a maximum range of 750 kilometers, and the hydrogenation time is comparable to the refueling time.

        Prospect of Automotive Science and Technology in Shanghai Expo: German, American, Japanese and Korean Competition

        Black Technology: Unmanned Track, Autopilot Brain, Taurus Gantry Milling

        In addition, in the field of automotive technology, driverless, intelligent operating system... In the past, people have been thinking about the infinite future of ITS.

        Topinfo will show a CARail track system on the spot, which will enable cars to run on the road as well as on the track to begin to shine into reality. The car is composed of a moving chassis, a passenger carriage and a flow track. When the passenger carriage is combined with the moving chassis, it is a "road driverless" mode. When the car travels to the crowded urban core section, its carriage can be peeled off from the chassis, so as to access the flow track similar to the rotary sushi plate, and enter the "track driverless" mode to maintain high speed. OK. Avoid traffic jams. According to estimates, the CARail track system can help people save an hour of commuting time every day.

        Zeifu, one of the world's automotive parts giants (transmission and chassis technology), has brought the "brain" of automatic driving. ZF Pro AI, the brain of automatic driving, is the solution of ZF Pro AI. In 2017, ZF announced that it would cooperate with NVIDIA to develop a new artificial intelligence system platform, Pro AI, for self-driving passenger cars, commercial vehicles and other industrial applications. With Invida Xavier as its performance computing processor, its computing power is 30 TOPS. Through in-depth learning and processing of data from automobile sensors and cameras, it can clearly identify the surrounding environment, accurately locate on high-definition maps, and plan a safe road for vehicles, which is further suitable for automatic driving on expressways.

        In addition, it is 20 meters long, 10 meters wide and 8 meters high, covering an area of 200 square meters. The largest exhibit of "tonnage" at the Expo, the German machine tool equipment "Taurus gantry milling" attracted media coverage. Despite its large size, its accuracy can reach 4 microns, and it can process various complex parts in the field of automobile and aerospace.

        Prospect of Automotive Science and Technology in Shanghai Expo: German, American, Japanese and Korean Competition

        (Pictures from Audi's official website)

        Editorial Comments:

        With the opening of the first China International Import Expo, more than 3,000 enterprises from more than 130 countries and regions compete with each other in the Chinese market with more than 5,000 exhibits. In the context of China's support for trade liberalization and economic globalization and its initiative to open its market to the world, automobile import tariffs have been continuously reduced and the import automobile market has been warming up. As a pillar of the national economy, the automobile industry will have greater and better development opportunities in the Chinese market. The competition of automobile science and technology among major automobile enterprises will also bring strong impetus to the development and progress of the automobile industry.
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