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        Steel heat treatment test procedures

        [abstract] With the recent turmoil in the stock market, you may not have noticed that Niu Dian Technologies, a smart city travel solution provider in China, is planning to go public in the United States.

        For many emerging countries, the key to reducing pollution lies in the shift from transportation to electric motorcycles and scooters.

        With the recent stock market turmoil, you may not have noticed the news that Niu Dian Technologies, a smart city travel solution provider in China, is planning to go public in the United States. Indeed, compared with Tesla's multi-billion-dollar financing, the $100 million-level financing of Niutex Technologies in the U.S. appears to be inadequate. You may have overlooked the fact that two-wheeled electric vehicle technology, led by Niu Dian Technologies and others, may change travel in smart cities, as Elonmusic dreamed.

        Until now, two-wheeled electric vehicles are far less attractive worldwide than electric vehicles. But that is changing. In emerging Asian markets, especially India, two-wheeled vehicles (mainly motorcycles) account for 76% of road vehicles, while they account for 30% of the country's air pollution sources. In other Asia's largest economies, more than 80% of households own two-wheeled vehicles. Therefore, to solve the problem of global air pollution, it means that the emission from two-wheeled vehicles must be reduced. Like electric vehicles, two-wheeled electric vehicles are also recognized as the development trend of the industry.

        Some may think that electric vehicles will directly replace the demand for two-wheeled vehicles, but this is not the case. There are several reasons. First, the cost is the biggest obstacle. A brand new entry-level electric car sells for more than 200,000 yuan, while a two-wheeled electric car sells for less than 5,000 yuan. Secondly, the traffic situation is also a major problem, and the serious traffic congestion in the metropolis is getting worse and worse. As a result, commuters who can afford to buy cars tend to use two-wheeled electric cars or bicycles instead. In addition, parking problems are widespread. Beijing's car ownership is about twice the capacity of its parking lot, and this ratio is likely to continue to grow. Such problems are prevalent in all developing countries, and rising housing prices make this phenomenon more severe, especially in urban areas.

        For the rising middle class, they are also willing to accept two-wheeled electric cars as long as they are affordable and easy to charge. At home, two-wheeled electric vehicles are gradually replacing motorcycles, thanks to the increasingly stringent exhaust emission standards system. This kind of car is not only inexpensive, but also different from electric cars, which use batteries that can be recharged at home or in the office. Today, China has 200 million two-wheeled electric vehicles, and the number is still increasing by 30 million every year.
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