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        Your Location: Home > Industry News > The new energy era of Royal Jet, which can be licensed and has the right to travel legally, has been opened in an all-round way.

        The new energy era of Royal Jet, which can be licensed and has the right to travel legally, has been opened in an all-round way.

        [abstract] The H1 and F1 brought by Jinan Royal Jie exhibition can be licensed, which is a replacement product for 400,000 Royal Jie owners who enjoy legal road rights.

        On August 27, the 7th Shandong New Energy Automobile Exhibition was successfully concluded in Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center. New energy automobile manufacturers from all over the country showed their new technologies in the auto exhibition. At the same time, they issued new strategies to meet the peak season and occupy a higher segment market. In this exhibition, Royal Jet put forward the theme of "Opening up the new energy era of Royal Jet in an all-round way", and made a big appearance with the new "beautiful" series F1 and H1, which were independently developed by Royal Jet.

        Leading Jinan Exhibition, Royal Jie New Energy Era Opened in an All-round Way

        The theme of "Opening the Age of Royal Jet New Energy in an All-Round Way" is still a hot spot in Jinan Exhibition. However, this hot spot shows a new differentiation in this exhibition: the products with Royal Jet as the leader "can be licensed" make the mini-electric vehicle enter a new era with "legal" road rights, and the market cake of mini-electric vehicle opens a new round of points. Journey of chemistry.

        On the exhibition site, Royal Jie's elaborate Pavilion attracts the attention of customers, media and peers, with a continuous stream of exhibitors and the design concept of "legitimate compliance and good travel".

        It is understood that on the first day of the exhibition, Royal Jet received thousands of visitors. The Royal Jet exhibition hall with blue and white as the main tone refreshed everyone. The enthusiasm of Royal Jet staff continued to rise with the enthusiasm of the exhibition hall, ready to meet more friends from all corners of the world at all times.

        The popularity of the Royal Jet exhibition hall is impressive. On the one hand, the visitors are batches after batches, and the staff of Royal Jet busily explain and answer questions for the exhibitors. On the other hand, the successive customers sign contracts with Royal Jet to continuously expand the Royal Jet's team of distributors in the country.

        In fact, the distributors choose Royal Jet, which fully demonstrates the strength of Royal Jet from product to technology and even the future market.

        Royal Jet's "Beautiful" Series of Cars Jinan Show Heavy-duty Attack

        The "beautiful" series H1 and F1 brought by this exhibition in Jinan can be put on the market, which is a replacement product for 400,000 Royal Jet owners who enjoy legal road rights.

        Under the background of stricter local control, distributors and consumers urgently need a legal product to meet the demand for road rights. Royal Jet's "Beautiful" series has attacked Jinan Exhibition heavily, seizing the core pain points of distributors and becoming the two most attractive models in Jinan Exhibition.

        Yujie H1 products are positioned as small intelligent SUV. The appearance of the whole car is not stereotyped, breaking the mediocrity. The design of special-shaped headlights and U-shaped front grilles make the whole car more fashionable and avant-garde. Although there are not many gorgeous designs, they reveal extraordinary temperament. In terms of power, the maximum speed of H1 is more than 80 km/h and the maximum driving distance is 150 km, which takes both speed and driving distance into account and meets the needs of consumers for short and medium-distance travel.

        The Royal Jet F1 continues the design style of the Royal Jet classic explosive model, and the radian design makes the whole car round and lovely. It is worth mentioning that F1 adopts an integrated full-load-bearing body structure. Metal frame structure brings higher stability and bearing capacity, increases collision strength, and protects driver safety in an all-round way. In terms of power, Royal Jet F1 has a maximum speed of not less than 80/h and a maximum range of not less than 120 km.

        Don't forget the beginning, Royal Jet provides legitimate iteration products for the industry

        From 2014 till now, the sales of small electric vehicles in China have increased year by year, even exceeding the total sales of new energy vehicles. However, due to the increasingly stringent national norms and policies and the tightening of local management, the problem of user's road rights has become a pain point restricting the development of the industry.

        On the eve of Jinan Exhibition, the strategic conference of "Never Forget the Beginning Mind - Open the Era of Royal Jet New Energy in an All-Round Way" and the "Beautiful" Series Product Listing Appraisal Meeting held in Quancheng also gave the answer to the "pain point" of curing the industry.

        Zhang Liping, chairman of Yujie Group, put forward at the meeting that Yujie should face the continuous improvement of market economy and industry level calmly. With the continuous upgrading of national policies and industry standards, Yujie supports national policies. By the end of this year, it will comprehensively upgrade its products and provide new energy automotive products that can effectively meet the national laws and regulations and satisfy users'needs and safety.

        In addition to the H1 and F1, which have legal road rights, which are exhibited in Jinan this time, Royal Jet will continue to build new energy vehicles that are legal, safe and meet the needs of users, and the new Royal Jet new energy era will be opened in an all-round way!

        After the rapid expansion of micro-electric vehicles, many enterprises began to slow down and examine their own development. At present, the most urgent problem in the market of mini electric vehicles is to improve the service quality on the premise of legitimacy. Royal Jet has a far-sighted strategic layout by launching the "beautiful" series of legal travel and comprehensively building new energy vehicles that are legitimate, safe and meet the needs of users.

        Break through the mist and rise to the sun. The era of mini-electric vehicle which only pursues scale has gone far. Under the premise of legitimacy, the era of mini-electric vehicle is coming, which will increase innovation and enhance user experience. Comparing with the enterprises that are rushing to expand the market, Royal Jet has chosen to settle down to create legitimate travel, safety and comfort, high-quality and differentiated products. It is believed that Royal Jet's two products will build a new era for new energy passenger cars in four dimensions: power, intelligence, quality and legal compliance.
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